About the company

Karlovarské minerální vody, a.s. is the biggest producer of mineral and spring water in the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1873 by Heinrich Mattoni, who was born in Karlovy Vary. The company gained its current form in the 1990s thanks to major investments of new owners (you will find more details in the Company History)

Karlovarské minerální vody currently bottles mineral and spring water of the Mattoni, Magnesia and Aquila brands and exports them to more then 20 countries worldwide. The Company takes part in the cultural, sports, as well as social life of the Czech Republic. It also supports projects relating to the protection of nature and the environment.

Karlovarské minerální vody endeavours to build world-famous brands with a distinctive image which will contribute to increasing the quality and culture of drinking not only in the Czech Republic. The professional approach of the Company and its employees to the quality of products has been recognized by numerous prizes and by the fact that Mattoni has become the official water during the presidency of the Czech Republic in the EU Council.

Karlovarské minerální vody employs 400 people. A team of the best specialists together with a clear vision contribute greatly to the Company's success.

Company profile

26 countries around the world

Our values and mission

Main purpose

  • To increase the quality and culture of drinking

Core values

  • efficiency
  • quality creating value,
  • excellent reputation,
  • use of best competencies,
  • reliability and respecting ethical principles.


  • to make our products famous brands of international value.
  • to increase the awareness of the quality of mineral water from Karlovy Vary.


Surrounded by mountains, there is a picturesque valley, admired by numerous guests from abroad. They are amazed at its peace, woods and the life-giving force of the hot spring. The spring heals the sick and sparkles beautifully in a glass.

Theodor Waldbach, 1890


The first mention of mineral water in historical sources concerned the so-called "Bukové kyselka" (Beech Mineral Water). But people may have known and used the mineral spring many centuries ago.


A certain Ottavio Mattoni, a trader of lemons, arrives in Karlovy Vary from Italy. He settles down in the town, later gets married and sets up his own business there.


"Buková kyselka" is found suitable for export by professionals, and the first ceramic bottles are exported abroad. In the neighbouring village named Kyselka, a modest spa starts to develop.


The Mattoni company is established. Mattoni's "Kysibelka" became one of the best-known mineral waters in the world. Its success inspired Mattoni to buy all of Kyselka from Count Czernin and to build a spa.


Beginning of the new century. Kyselka is connected to the European railway network which brings lots of guests both from home and abroad to the spa. At the world exhibition in Paris the mineral water is awarded the Grand Prix.


The company is privatized. The Pasquale family, Italian entrepreneurs, become the new owners and the business resumes the Czech-Italian tradition. The family modernizes the bottling plant considerably.


The Italian roots and emphasis on an overall experience combined in the creation of a new Mattoni bottle, designed by the Pinninfarina Italian studio (which, among others, also designed Ferrari cars).


The Mattoni brand celebrates 140 years from the time that Heinrich Mattoni bought Kyselka and its neighbourhood with the popular Otto's Spring – and therefore it celebrates 140 years from its establishment as well.


Karlovy Vary

There are few places in the world that are similar to the region of Karlovy Vary. Places which are proud of their historical tradition, living through the turbulent present and having a promising future. Important monarchs of the Czech Lands, famous politicians, actors, musicians and thousands of other visitors used to stroll around the spa. All of them were lured by the same thing – they wanted to strengthen their health and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the spa town and surrounding beautiful nature.

Legend of a king's recovery

The region of Karlovy Vary ranks among areas abundant in mineral springs of various temperatures and healing effects. According to a legend, one of the first patients was Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV, after whom the town was named Karlovy Vary.

However, archeological findings evidence that the locals knew the beneficial effects of the local springs long before. But the Emperor's praise started a new period. Springs came to be interesting for doctors, and their research confirmed the beneficial effects of drinking cures and baths. Karlovy Vary and the Kyselka spa became places which started to gain global fame.

A list of the guests who visited Karlovy Vary includes for example Tsar Peter the Great, Johan Sebastian Bach, Giacomo Casanova and Antonín Dvořák.

The spa makes for the world

The fame of the local mineral springs also led to the beginning of a new type of business. Water was first sent to customers in ceramic and later glass containers. From among those who devoted their lives to the development of this business, it is Heinrich Mattoni who deserves special attention. The factory in Kyselka prospered and his name soon became the symbol of the region.

Three springs, three sources of health

For more than 100 years already, Mattoni mineral water is distributed all over the world to allow its fans to enjoy the taste and atmosphere of the world famous spa, though just for a short while. But Mattoni mineral water is not the only product carrying the cachet of the name of the famous man who was born in Karlovy Vary. Today Aquila natural spring water is also bottled in Kyselka, which thanks to a low content of sodium is very good for everyday "cleaning" of the body.

The third water from the region of Karlovy Vary is Magnesia, mineral water of a unique composition reaching European standards, bottled in Mnichov near Karlovy Vary. Magnesia is abundant in beneficial natural magnesium, as well as a low quantity of sodium. It has a refreshing effect on the entire body.