Social responsibility

We understand the importance of environmental protection and therefore support the development of concepts and technology leading to achieving the best results in this field. What is our concept?

100% recycling

All PET bottles we produce can be reused for further processing. Including the lid and label.

PET bottles

We are getting better

We have been continuously reducing our impact on the environment. For example, in the past ten years, in relation to Mattoni mineral water, we have reduced the impact on the environment by twenty percent. We are able to achieve such results thanks to innovations, austerity measures, more effective use of energy or transport by railway.

transport by railway

Lower amount of PET

When designing new bottles, we consider not only their practicality and design, but also whether they are environmentally friendly. Therefore we continuously reduce the amount of plastics required for the production of bottles.

We protect the springs

Drawing water from the depths of nature needs to be done with responsibility for the area around the spring as well as for the mineral water. Our sources of mineral water are protected as part of the first protection area and are continuously monitored.

We protect the springs

We set the standard

Karlovarské minerální vody, a. s. has become one of the founder members of the EKOKOM organization, which is engaged in the system of waste separation and recycling in towns and villages.

We support

Karlovarské minerální vody has become known to the broad public thanks to its corporate image. It has managed to focus its activities optimally on several areas of public life.

Development of culture

Development of culture

We systematically support the development of live culture, predominantly literature and film. They promoted the founder of annual literary awards - Magnesia Litera and have been the general partner of the project for years. They cooperate on the organization and presentation of the Czech Lion film awards, where they newly support primarily young, beginning film makers with the Magnesia Award.

Sports events

Sports events

Sports fans know us thanks to our long support of the series of prestigious marathon races called the Prague International Marathon, and of the top Czech basketball competition - Mattoni NBL.

Social events

Social events

We support important social events. For example, the popular public survey of popular music - Czech Nightingale Mattoni, or the Miss Beauty Contest, which is connected with Aquila. We have been organizing the Mattoni Grand Drink, an international barman competition, for fifteen years, which has gained the official status of the Non-alcoholic Cocktail Mixing World Championship in the past two years thanks to its high professional level.

Kyselka Spa

Karlovarské minerální vody endeavours to make life in Kyselka better by supporting local institutions and organizations. We also try to develop the properties which belong to Karlovarské minerální vody and are located in the Kyselka spa.

We belong among the founder members of the non-profit organization Lázně Kyselka, o.p.s. which our employees work for as part of their voluntary activities. The goal of the non-profit organization Lázně Kyselka o.p.s. is to save, restore and then protect the listed buildings of the former Kyselka spa in the village of Kyselka.

We are reconstructing the historical buildings we own in accordance with the requirements for the care of monuments and are looking for a new use for them. For example, the Löschner Pavilion should become a museum. Flats should be built in the Stallburg House. The former Prague Hotel in Radošov should be secured according to the conditions agreed with NPÚ Loket and the Magistrate of Karlovy Vary. The former office buildings, which are in good condition, will be maintained in accordance with the law.

Our support to Kyselka

We regularly support the operation of the local fire station. We have also supported the development of the local basic and nursery school, school gym and the local public cinema. In 2013 we ensured and financed the creation of the replica of the Heinrich Mattoni statue. Moreover, we provide financial and other donations for the organization of the Children's Day for children living in Kyselka and its neighbourhood every year.